Watch Out for Common Scam Ploys


Courtesy Pixabay

Scammers continue to look for new ways to steal money. While the specific scams may change, they often follow a similar playbook to prey on you. By knowing the most common scams, people can protect themselves and identify fraud before it takes place.

Understand some of the most popular scams in use today:

  1. Charity scams. These scams become popular around holidays or emergencies, such as a major hurricanes. Always ask for details about the charity, like the phone number and official website.
  2. Debt collection scams. Never provide personal financial information until you can verify the debt.
  3. Debt settlement. As with debt collection, these scams promise to renegotiate, settle, or change the terms of a person’s debt. Only work directly with your debtor.
  4. Grandparent scams. Watch out for scammers who target seniors and pretend to be a grandchild in need.