Kansas City Royals On KKOW



Even if it isn’t the way we are use to watching it…… BASEBALL IS BACK!


And 860AM and 97.5 is your home all season long for the Kansas City Royals


Major League baseball  Kansas City Royals


This season will be a little different than we are use to, here are a few changes:


Due to Covid-19 at this time fans are not allowed in the stands to cheer on their teams


The 2020 season will on be 60 games for each team


National League teams use to let the Pitchers bat but that has changed and the NL will now use a Designated Hitter (DH)


If games go to extra innings each team will start each inning with a runner on second base


MLB extends the playoffs to 16 teams (8 in the AL and 8 in the NL) The old playoff format only allowed 10 teams to make the playoffs ( 5 in the AL and 5 in the NO)



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