How to Keep Your Furry Friend Warm and Safe in Cold Weather

Winter is looming and we want your furry friend to be safe this winter! We found four tips to ensure you are keeping your pet healthy. It’s up to us to know our pet’s limits to make sure they stay warm, hydrated, and healthy.

Keep Your Pet Sheltered

If possible keep your pets indoors away from the extreme cold. If your pet is an outside pet ensure they have shelter, bedding, and heat. We found this video that has some great DIY tips.

Bundle Them Up

Regardless of what the temperature is check the “wind chill factor” as exposed ears, noses and paws are could get frostbite. NOTE: Even an inside dog going outside for some exercise needs to be protected from the elements especially short-haired dogs.

Protect From Accidental Poisoning

When taking your dog out for a walk make sure you wipe their paws off with a towel as the “rock salt” used to keep the sidewalks clear of ice can irritate their paws and mouth.

DIY Make a Stray Cat Shelter

Buuurr Baby its cold outside! With the dropping temps please don’t forget about outside pets! Please stop by the Joplin Humane Society during business hours to pick up some free straw for your pets to stay warm this winter! You must provide your own bag!
Courtesy Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption & Resource Center

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