‘Hermit’ is Ultimate Self Survival Skills Adventure


We promise you will enjoy the book “Hermit” written by Gene Bicknell. If we parallel our lives with the undertone messages, we will have a great 2022… In the last couple of years, many of us have isolated ourselves to ensure we stay physically healthy, but at what cost to our spirit? Check out the video.

As human beings, we were created for community. We are vulnerable when we are alone. There’s strength in numbers. We have all had isolation at one time or another. This is the story of how one man survives isolation and his transformation back to reality. From Author and Community Advocate O. Gene Bicknell comes this story of triumph over isolation. HERMIT is the fictional tale of Sgt. Jackson Eagle, U.S. Special Forces Ranger, and his struggle dealing with the punishing aspects of his isolation, and victory over it. He discovers heartbreak, adventure, and the value of self-reliance. He also learns that we all need relationships with each other for encouragement, refreshment, and growth. He realizes that there is strength in numbers, and we should show compassion to anyone who falls and has no one to help them get back up. Available on Amazon (Hardcover edition): Click here to buy this amazing book.

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