Four State Live | Tuesday November 17

Courtesy FB/Mount-Hope-Christian-Counseling-Center

Tuesday is quickly approaching on 4 States Live! Some ways we can deal with the holiday “blues” with Journey Towards Hope Counseling at Mount Hope Christian Counseling Center. Perhaps connecting with nature might help. 🌲🐾🌿 We’ll also talk to Wildcat Glades about some upcoming events for the kiddos and the annual Natural Events Calendar that’s available in the Nature Store now.

Mount Hope Christian Counseling Center
Welcome to Mount Hope Christian Counseling Center! If you are seeking help in any area, we would love to assist you in finding healing. BE BLESSED 🙂

Wildcat Glades
Wildcat Glades Friends Group was formed to protect Wildcat Park & surrounding chert glade environment, habitat, and wildlife by promoting awareness and sustainability, providing education, recreation space, programs & sponsoring nature-based activities.

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