Did you know:

  • Radio reaches 68.2% of persons age 12 and older on an average day.
  • Radio reaches an impressive 92% of all Americans age 12 or older every week. Listeners continue to turn to Radio despite an ever-increasing selection of media options.
  • Americans of all ages find reasons to listen to Radio at all hours of the day and night, every day of the week. 
  • Radio reaches 90.8% of all persons age 12-24 each week; they listen nearly 11 hours per week.
  • Radio is truly a medium for all seasons! While some media display sharp peaks and valleys in their ability to attract and hold audience attention, Radio's consistent levels of audience reach across all four quarters of the year are a definite plus! Whether your marketing goal is short-term impact or long-term share maintenance, Radio's very stable audience base represents an excellent platform for your brand's message.
  • Every week Radio reaches 93% of Adults 18+ who have shopped at a carpet store in the past year.
  • Every week, Radio reaches 93% of persons who have patronized a cash advance or title loan shop in the past year.
  • Every week, Radio reaches 93% of persons age 21 or older who drank any regular domestic (non-light) beer in the past week.
  • Every week, Radio reaches 92% of those who spent $10,000 on remodeling projects in the past year.
  • Every week, Radio reaches 93% of small business owners.
  • Radio provides a friendly environment for advertisers, as consumers respond positively to ads they hear on radio. For example, 91% agree (strongly or somewhat) with the statment "Advertising on radio provides me with useful information about bargains."
  • Across the nation, Americans spend increasing amounts of time in their cars - longer commutes, running errands, and taking the kids (and themselves) from activity to activity, 24/7. Radio — the medium that invented "drive time" — is always along for the ride.
  • 60.4% of Adults 18+ listen most to Radio in their cars on a typical weekday.

**All facts provided by the Radio Advertising Bureau

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